Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Heat of Battle II Dates Announced

Heat of Battle I's success has spawned Heat of Battle II, to be held August 22-24, 2008 inside The National World War II Museum, New Orleans, Louisiana! In a wargame, players reenact historical situations, but are allowed to make decisions that can drive the battle or campaign in a different direction – producing new outcomes!

At Heat I, players reimagined both Omaha and Sword Beaches, a B-17 bombing raid into Germany, the great Eastern Front armor battle of Kursk and much, much more.Competitive tournaments included “Making History – the Calm and the Storm” and Flames of War. More are planned for Heat II, along with new product roll-outs. Read a review of Heat of Battle I at http://www.wargamer.com/

For more information, please email walt.burgoyne@nationalww2museum.org .

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